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Vapour Sequential System (VSI)

VSI is an abbreviation of "Vapour Sequential Injection", the latest development from Prins Autogassystemen B.V.

With this development a new phase has commenced for the LPG and CNG industry

The system is fully integrated "master - slave" with the petrol management system which makes the system EOBD compatible so signal emulation is not required.

By injecting the LPG the same way as on petrol there is no difference to driving on petrol or driving on LPG. You will only notice the difference at the pump and benefit the environment.

In close cooperation with Keihin corp. in Japan Prins Autogassystemen B.V. developed their LPG/CNG injector. Keihin Corp. one of the worlds leading injector manufacturer, ensuring OEM quality and reliability. The injector is perfect linear from 2,5 ms with a performance guaranteed and a long durability 290 million cycles (OEM quality). These specifications discern our injector from other injectors in market.

The ECM injector driver capability up to 8 cylinders. In combination with our special software strategy we can achieve the best drive-ability with excellent emissions.

Other changes in comparison with the first generation gas injection systems are:

1. Small and compact design suits all cabin interiors, via smart touch control

2. An extra dry gas filter

3. Compact design reducer for ease of installation. 

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