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LPG Sequential Gas Injection (SGI)


This type of LPG conversion gives almost identical characteristics to the vehicles original petrol-injection systems. This new system, Sequential Gas Injection (SGI), has been developed at the request of and in close collaboration with several automobile manufacturers.

To satisfy their needs it has been important to retain the original characteristics of the car. So, after the SGI system has been installed, reliability and quality remain virtually unchanged. The key to the SGI system is a new gas injector, which behaves comparably to a modern petrol injector.

Advantages of the SGI System

Performance and driving characteristics almost identical to petrol

Quality and reliability conform to automobile-industry standards

Fast application development for the retrofit market

SGI concept meets new emission requirements and complies with EOBD

Wide variety of applications for the latest, heavily-loaded and sophisticated executive vehicles.

How The SGI System Works

Liquid Gas flows from the LPG tank to a vaporiser / pressure regulator in the engine compartment. The liquid gas is vaporized in this regulator and the LPG pressure is adjusted to a suitable value. The LPG then flows through the common rail to the various SGI injectors (the number of which depends on the number of cylinders) which are attached to the inlet manifold. The SGI computer calculates the ignition moment and the duration of injection for each cylinder independently, resulting in maximum driveability and minimum exhaust emission. 

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