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What Is LPG?


Where it comes from

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is obtained during the refining process of crude oil, and unlike some other fuels, there is currently a surplus of approx. 4 million tonnes of LPG per year from the North Sea alone, and this is estimated to increase.

Once this gas is pressurised, it becomes liquid, and is pumped into your vehicle in its liquid form. LPG has a higher octane level than four star or unleaded, and does not contain any lead, or other additives. Once released into your engine, it will naturally become a pure gas, resulting in a cleaner more efficient combustion.

Performance & Emissions

Engine emissions of carbon monoxide are almost reduced to zero, and the lack of harmful acids and carbon deposits prolongs the life of your engine, and also reduces servicing costs. You can also expect a longer life from your engine oil, as this is not being diluted.

Performance is almost exactly the same as with petrol, and there is no difference in the driving style of your vehicle. Even cold starting is exactly the same as petrol.

LPG has become popular in the UK, having been used for many years throughout Europe. You will notice an increasing number of LPG pumps at your local filling stations.

LPG Sequential Gas Injection (SGI)

This type of LPG conversion gives almost identical characteristics to the vehicles original petrol-injection systems. This new system, Sequential Gas Injection (SGI), has been developed at the request of and in close collaboration with several automobile manufacturers.

To satisfy their needs it has been important to retain the original characteristics of the car. So, after the SGI system has been installed, reliability and quality remain virtually unchanged. The key to the SGI system is a new gas injector, which behaves comparably to a modern petrol injector.  With good drivability and minimum exhaust emissions. 

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LPG Problems

LPG Problems Important notice regarding Gas Conversions

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